List of resources

I just thought I would share a list of resources with you from an online closed group I belong to called The Addict’s Mom, Sharing Without Shame which has over 70,000 members. I am including information about this group in case any of you are interested or know someone who is.

First, here is a link to professionals,  a place to get started.  We had no idea where to begin.  As always, please do more research and use this as a guide.  Another day will be devoted to my experiences with rehabs.


To fulfill our vision of “Sharing without Shame,” and our mission, The Addict’s Mom has put forth an ambitious program, achieving the following in the past year. 

  • The Addict’s Mom Lights of Hope —  An International awareness event held annually in conjunction SAMHSA’s National Recovery Month
    • Launched on August 20, 2013 in less than six weeks members and others were sharing all over the US and in 52 nations around the world (it is estimated, over 25,000 people took part in this event) 
    • SAMHSA endorsed Lights of Hope as an official National Recovery month event
    • And on September 30th, 2013 mothers everywhere lit three candles of hope. 
      • A red one for an addict in active addiction
      • A white candle for an addict in recovery
      • A black/silver candle for the tragic loss of a child due to overdose.
  • The Addict’s Mom Steps of Hope —  An International Awareness event held annually launched on May 17th 2012 addict’s moms rallied in 50 States across the nation.
  • CNN features the Addict’s Mom August 28th 2014
  • The Addict’s Mom Partners with In The Rooms Launching Weekly Live Online Video Meetings Thursdays 7:00pm EST to join us sign up 
  • The 2014 “Architect of Change Award” from the Maria Shriver Foundation
  • Proclamation from the Mayor of the town of Davie (which has over 100,000 residents), recognizes May 17 as “The Addict’s Mom Day”
  • Proclamations- again in conjunction with SAMHSA’s  (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) National Recovery Month, members all over the US contacted their local politicians and civic leaders and had them proclaim September 2013 National Recovery Month.
    • In 2014 we expect our members partaking in this event to be 400% higher due to our new grassroots support groups

    National Drug Facts Week — The Addict’s Mom is collaborating with NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse)  to spread facts and shatter myths about drugs through social media and grassroots groups

  • The Addict’s Mom opened 50 support groups — around the US this year.  These support groups will be provided toolkits and resources to help support moms and their families.
  • Newspaper Columns — Ask The Addict’s Mom Is now appearing in about a dozen columns around the nation and is adding new papers monthly
  • Counselor Magazine — has The Addict’s Mom writing opinion pieces for their magazine which is read by thousands of addiction professionals yearly
  • TAM has members serving on state and local drug panels — becoming influencers in the passing of vital legislation, such as the Jennifer Act, to save lives through the administer of Narcan/Naloxone by first responders for opioid overdoses’.    
  • C.A.N. CAMPAIGN (Changing Awareness Now)
  1. Addiction is a Brain Disease campaign – A flyer made for this campaign has gone viral and has been distributed around the country.  It is distributed to organizations, groups, schools and individuals on request at no cost.
  2. We are in the beginning planning stages of a national suicide prevention campaign to educate and make parents aware how closely tied suicide is to addiction and to provide the needed resources.
  3. Campaign empower, is a future campaign to spread awareness to family members who are still enabling the addict even when faced with evidence this is harmful.
  4. TAM very excited to be planning a harm reduction campaign in conjunction with leading organizations around this nation

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